30 agosto 2017

Political Risk


Avietta can help you to identify, analyze and mitigate the Political Risk. Just like other Risks.

An understanding of politics will not necessarily tell you whether a stock price will rise or fall tomorrow, but it can tell you where and how political events may limit or alter an investment’s value.

In general, political risk analysis has more to offer in emerging markets, where politics will matter at least as much as basic economic fundamentals for the performance of markets.

It is important to note that most political insurance covers the more tangible business asset and the more observable measurable risk. There is a lot of grey space which even the best political risk insurance package will leave without cover, and some assets, such as reputation or morals, are simply not quantifiable.

Insurance is therefore best seen as a way to hedge against loss where it is possible to do so cost-effectively with a strong and focused Political Risk Mitigation Action.

Avietta collaborates with best political risk advisor and think tank, all over the world.

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