15 gennaio 2018


Government of the territory and protection of the environment

Energy analysis and planning

Eco-management of waste

Analysis and evaluation of environmental impacts

Environment, Security and Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental footprint and product policies


  • Strategic environmental assessments of plans and programs for infrastructure and mobility
  • Studies of territorial and environmental classification, analysis and comparison of route and location alternatives; geographical information systems;
  • Environmental impact studies;
  • Environmental due diligence for projects and project pipelines;
  • Support for authorization and permitting procedures, consultancy and support to design teams in the development of projects in line with the main sustainability protocols (Envision, BREEAM Infrastructure),
  • Advice and technical support for the environmental management of construction sites, environmental monitoring plans. Life cycle analysis (Life Cycle Assessment).


  • Territorial plans of vast area for the collection and disposal of RU;
  • Plans and optimization projects for the location of plants and collection and transfer routes; environmental impact studies and permittimg of disposal plants;
  • Projects for the closure and securing of landfills (Ambiente Italia Progetti); Life Cycle Assessment analysis of alternative disposal scenarios.


  • Environmental impact studies of thermoelectric plants


  • Plans for the reduction of climate-altering emissions;
  • Energy audits and diagnosis of residential buildings and production activities;
  • Energy efficiency plans, environmental impact studies and plant permitting for the production of electricity from renewable sources, environmental due diligence, technical and economic feasibility studies.


  • Environmental studies and permitting (new plants);
  • Sizing of biomass supply / supply areas and definition of optimal location criteria; feasibility studies.
  • Comparative life cycle analysis (Life Cycle Assessment) of different procurement and production scenarios.