4 settembre 2017


•             Water Treatment

•             Waste

•             Waste to Energy

Water Treatment : we provide both standard and custom-designed water treatment solutions that can reliably deliver high-quality, safe water to government entities and municipalities in densely populated areas and remote communities.

We are committed to ensuring safe, dependable, and affordable drinking water, supported by decades of hands-on experience at hundreds of water treatment facilities around the world. We pay particular attention to capital and operating cost-effectiveness and environmental impact.

Waste to Energy : The recovery of energy from waste has a major part to play within the waste hierarchy. Once the preferred options of reducing, re-using and recycle waste resources have been exhausted, Energy from Waste (EfW) is one of the best available techniques for recovering residual energy from the waste that remains.

Energy from Waste facilities divert huge volumes of waste from landfill and provide a sustainable option for energy recovery. They can generate substantial amounts of energy, helping to reduce the dependence on unsustainable fossil fuels. In doing so, Energy from Waste facilities make a vital contribution to both the sustainable energy generation capacity and the energy security

  • Green Field
  • Brown Field

Green-field investments occur when a parent company begins a new venture by constructing new facilities in a country outside of where the company is headquartered. Brown-field investments occur when a company or government purchases an existing facility to begin new production.