15 gennaio 2018




  • ▸ We offer private entrepreneurs and public administrations a multidisciplinary strategic approach, which integrates twenty years experience in remediation and environmental works, and in the production of energy from renewable sources, to ensure an integrated and efficient service and transform waste from recycled raw materials.
  • ▸ Services: localization, planning and authorization phase; advice.


  • ▸ We plan remediation for the recovery of land, subsoil, quarries, both in flat areas and in mountain areas, and we offer complete advice to public and private entities.
  • ▸ Services: environmental studies and surveys, field activities and remediation interventions.


  • ▸ In this field we have gained a strong experience both in terms of planning interventions, both in terms of modeling and risk perimeters. in more recent times we have extended our activity in the field of environmental territorial planning.
  • ▸ Services: engineering and consulting works.


  • ▸ We are committed to supporting the production of energy from renewable sources, promoting its development and covering the various project phases of the projects that see us involved.
  • ▸ Services: projects in the photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, biogas, biomass, non-renewable sources, technological systems.


  • ▸ The energy efficiency business unit develops efficiency projects for industrial production and building systems in general, where the costs of production and distribution of energy are increasingly important.
  • ▸ The first operational step to obtain a real energy saving consists in the realization of a thorough energy audit. in this way it is possible to create a complete picture on the current use of energy resources and on programs, actions and future scenarios of the assisted company.
  • ▸ Services: auditing, energy efficiency plans, general contractor for efficiency projects.