15 agosto 2017


About the LOGO

The Avietta LOGO talks about us.

Avietta has been the refined, understated and most coveted cabin bag “Avietta 48″.

From the 1940s through 1970s, Avietta 48 handbag was frequently purchased by celebrities and wealthy clients. Among them were Gianni Agnelli, Grace Kelly, Aristotele Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy.

The lines, minimal and streamlined, reflect a sense of sobriety and discretion that is rooted in the brand’s Milanese origins, Piazza San Babila. For the records, our Avietta Green Energy & Environment HQ is still located in the same district .

International flights, cosmopolitan people and touch of Sobriety perfectly describe Avietta’s style .

We only add a pinch of Electric Blu, because at the end of the day, electric power (green) energy worldwide development is our mission.